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Tesco - Developers Contribution

Posted: 8th August 2013

Dear all,

Please find attached the Gryffe Advertiser that outlines the requirement for Bishopton as a community to set up a Trust to manage the development funds (Section 75 Agreement) that the new development will bring to the village to allow the community to make the best of this opportunity.

It is well documented that Linwood CDT continually requested we were included in the discussions around the Section 75 agreement, as part of the Tesco Development. However, we were continually denied this opportunity even though we understood under S75D, 'Neighbourhood Agreement' of the The Planning etc (Scotland) Act 2006, this was our right as a community.

Attached is The Planning etc (Scotland) Act 2006, and we would draw your attention to Section 75: pages 59 - 65

It was our understanding there was also a Community Infrastructure Levy Regulation 2010, implemented via the Localism Bill. The changes proposed were to charge local authorities to pass money under 'planning gain' agreements to other bodies ie.neighbourhood groups.

It seemed at the time that Renfrewshire Council had already implemented this as they had entered into an agreement with Bishoption Action Group to manage the 'Section 75' agreement for their area. It was also confirmed that the Director of Planning for Renfrewshire Council was appointed by Renfrewshire Council to advise this group on their future plans for their village. However, at the same time, LCDT were told that we could not be involved in any discussions on the Section 75 Agreement as it could potentially jeopordise the future 'sign off' of the legal transactions between Renfrewshire Council and Tesco, even though this opportunity was being offered to another community group only 5 miles away.

We find the article in the Gryffe Advertiser to be extremely disappointing and we are concerned that equity within communities has not been met during the Tesco Development, as per the Planning etc (Scotland) Act 2006.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Update: 9th August 2013

LCDT would like to make it clear that they were not asked to be involved in any discussions on the Section 75 Agreement under the last SNP Administration and feel our community was badly let down. Unfortunately, this cannot be reversed under the current Labour Administration who, to date, have been extremely supportive of the LCDT.

As ever, we have received a quick response from the Leader of Renfrewshire Council Mark MacMillan, explaining that the Council will engage fully with Communities every step of the way in the future to ensure what happened in Linwood does not happen to other communities within Renfrewshire.

LCDT will continue to challenge issues that affect our community to ensure the missed opportunities of the past are not repeated in the future and we look forward to working closely with the new administration to enable positive outcomes for our Town.

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jeenie on August 8 2013 at 22:16

But the folk doon the road are pure posh, thats the difference!

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