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Linwood Community Development Trust is on the brink of obtaining land from Renfrewshire Council to build much needed community facilities for Linwood.

Renfrewshire Council has now appointed a contractor to carry out a site investigation at Mossedge Playing fields (rear of Clippens School) and this work will be completed by the beginning of August. A full analytical report will be received by September 2013 and if Linwood CDT is happy with the results, we will proceed with a full asset transfer of the land.

With future funding support, the land will be used to develop a 3G/4G football pitch with changing facilities and a community wellbeing centre for Linwood. This reflects what the people of Linwood want to see happening in their town following results outlined in the 'Linwood Community Action Plan'. It is hoped people will be inspired to help 'Build Linwood from the Inside out' in order to make it a more attractive, happier and healthier place to live.



Linwood Community Development Trust, in partnership with Linwood Community Council, is also delighted to announce that we have received £4,000 for our 'Linwood in Bloom' Project and £10,000 for the 'Light up linwood' Project (Christmas Lights) through 'Local Area Committee' funding.

Together we CAN make a difference! After all, this is Our Community, Our Future and who best knows what our community needs than the community itself?

Briefing Paper - Linwood: A Wellbeing Economy

Linwood as a microcosm of the beginnings of a wellbeing economy written by Dr Katherine Trebeck, Wellbeing Economy Alliance.

To read the full report CLICK HERE

Our response to COVID-19

Here is a link to a short video we have put together showcasing our response to COVID-19 through our enterprise Roots of Linwood:

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Creating a Wave of Change!

In 2011, the carbuncle award and deprivation statistics was the catalyst for a group of tenacious women who got together to reclaim their community. Their determination was instrumental to the regeneration of our town following years of neglect and negativity.

Making a reluctant Tesco regenerate Linwood’s town centre, was the first act of the group and after a community wide consultation, which identified five projects, the Linwood Community Action Plan was drawn up and the Linwood Community Development Trust was born!


The Trust has raised funds for the Linwood area which has increased opportunities. Our Kit & Caboodle project provides a recycling and kit wash facility, helping local sporting families and coaches save time, energy and money whilst supporting the reduction of CO2 emissions.


It has also organised and set up an environmental improvement group which has developed Linwood in Bloom, a fledgling project that has not only made Linwood a more attractive place to live by providing railing baskets and planters throughout Linwood but it has also restored a sense of civic pride to the area whilst improving the local environment.


The Trust also started a community choir with over 30 members of all ages. This has been of particular benefit as it has also encouraged wider participation in other activities. Members state: “The choir is very special to me. There is a great sense of community spirit within the group and everyone takes care of one another. The choir has supported me greatly and I have met lots of new friends.” The choir meets every Tuesday at Baptist Church, Erskinefauld Road from 6.30pm to 8pm.

Throughout our community consultation process, local residents highlighted the need to improve health and wellbeing, employability and local services. This encouraged the Trust to develop a project known locally as ‘Roots of Linwood’.

Roots is not only providing access to high quality, low cost fresh fruit and vegetables, it is also providing volunteering opportunities which is benefitting the wellbeing of individuals, whether they are retired, unemployed or have additional support needs.


The Trust has now acquired land at 'Mossedge Linwood' to develop much need community facilities. We have submitted our £1m funding application to Big Lottery and we are through to stage 2 of the Scottish Government's Regeneration Capital Grant Fund for £800k. Funding permitting, this will enable us to build an all-weather football pitch with changing facilities, a community growing area and a community facility which will generate future income and provide an invaluable resource to our 9,000 residents. With development funding support from Renfrewshire Council and the Big Lottery's Growing Community Assets Fund, the Trust has been working with its own Architectural Design Team to get the 'Mossedge Village' underway!


Do you want to support the Trust indirectly? It’s really easy! Roots of Linwood has been offering a free delivery service of fresh fruit & vegetables direct to local residents and businesses. We also have our very own community fruit/veg shop!

All you need to do is support this service knowing that a proportion of what you spend is being reinvested to support building much needed community facilities in Linwood. Local businesses can get involved too. To place an order just click here


Through the determination, tenacity and passion of local residents, the Trust has developed projects run ‘for the community, by the community’. This approach has brought about a renewed sense of pride to the area and created a wave of change that is helping to build our community from the inside out. Our journey has not been an easy one and has been described at times as ‘rolling jelly up a hill’ but we persevered and success is now ahead! We are now at a crucial stage to develop our projects further to ensure they become more sustainable and less grant dependant.


We hope our resilience will inspire local people and businesses to support us and we are determined to involve as many people and local businesses as possible to make sure the developments in Linwood remain embedded in the community.

Please support us by visiting our shop at Unit 19, Mossedge Industrial Estate, Linwood or give us a call on 01505 337002 to find out more about our free delivery service of fruit/veg direct to your home or offices.

We look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon.

Our First Ever Newsletter!

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Funding Success!

Funding Success

Linwood CDT is delighted to announce it has been awarded funding from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund to develop a project aimed at reducing carbon emissions in Linwood.

In conjunction with the local football community, ‘Kit & Caboodle’ will be a project designed to encourage behaviour change principally around sports related activities such as travel habits and carbon positive choices for sports kit and equipment. It is also anticipated to extend this scheme to include items of dancewear (leotards and jazz/tap/ballet shoes etc).

Activities will involve:

  • a sports kit and boot recycling scheme
  • a bulk laundry system for football strips using large-load machines and eco-friendly air-drying pulleys

  • the promotion of long-term behaviour change with regard to travel habits

To oversee this project, we are now seeking a suitably experienced Development Worker – download an application pack click here

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