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Light up linwoodFor years, Linwood was the ‘poor relation’ with regard to annual Christmas lights and tree. A poorly-sited, pathetic looking tree which always sat at an angle with a few token lights was constantly a laughing-stock.

However, in December 2012, owing to the Tesco development, the usual location of the tree was changed to the more central site of the Clippens roundabout – a decision that brightened up Christmas for many a Linwood resident!

A question that was continually asked during LCDT’s community consultation was “why doesn’t Linwood have Christmas lights?”

LCDT members were committed to making this a priority as part of the Community Action Plan and we were delighted when volunteers from Linwood Community Council agreed to take this forward.

The Community Council applied for funding which resulted in over 1200 of us coming out to experience an extremely successful Christmas 2013 Switch On event and more than 1800 in 2014 & the same again in 2015, 2016 & 2017!

The Light-up Linwood Project wants to build on these successes and all the positive feedback from the community to make future Christmases even brighter!

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