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Following the entry below that was posted on 26th July, LCDT has now received the report for the Mossedge Playing fields site which was extremely positive! We will be meeting with officers of Renfrewshire Council on 25th November to discuss a full asset transfer or long term lease of this land in order to develop a 3G/4G football pitch with changing facilities and a community wellbeing centre for Linwood.

Report below posted on 26th July 2013:

Linwood Community Development Trust is on the brink of obtaining land from Renfrewshire Council to build much needed community facilities for Linwood.

Renfrewshire Council has now appointed a contractor to carry out a site investigation at Mossedge Playing fields (rear of Clippens School) and this work will be completed by the beginning of August. A full analytical report will be received by September 2013 and if Linwood CDT is happy with the results, we will proceed with a full asset transfer of the land.

With future funding support, the land will be used to develop a 3G/4G football pitch with changing facilities and a community wellbeing centre for Linwood. This reflects what the people of Linwood want to see happening in their town following results outlined in the 'Linwood Community Action Plan'. It is hoped people will be inspired to help 'Build Linwood from the Inside out' in order to make it a more attractive, happier and healthier place to live.

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Linwood Community Development Tr on November 17 2013 at 23:30

Hi Tracey – thanks for your comment.
LCDT is dedicated and committed to meeting the holistic, health & social needs of our community.
Our initial plan is to build a football facility at the Mossedge site and later extend this by building a wellbeing centre that will address many aspects of health including physical, mental, social, financial and environmental needs as reflected in the Linwood Community Action Plan (see our website for copy). We plan to work with funding donors and external organisations to make this a reality as we recognise that healthy lifestyles and the delivery of a diverse range of health and social services under the one roof will help Linwood become a more thriving, inclusive and connected community.

Tracey smith on November 17 2013 at 22:40

This sounds like it's going to be brilliant for Linwood My son plays for Linwood rangers . I was wondering what u mean when you say there will be a community wellbeing centre.

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