LCDT was formed by a group of volunteers from the local community, who want to improve health and wellbeing, reduce social inequalities and build social capital within Linwood. Learn more about us


Linwood Lottery

The Linwood Lottery is managed 'for the community, by the community'.

50% of the monthly income will go to the prize winners and 50% for local benefit.

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Roots of Linwood

'Roots of Linwood' offers high-quality, low-cost, fresh fruit and vegetables, with a delivery and collection service.

Roots is a non-profit organisation and all surpluses will be reinvested for community benefit.

Fresh fruit and veg

Mossedge Village

Mossedge Village was created by Linwood Community Development Trust to develop enterprises run 'for the community by the community' to enhance the development of Linwood.

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